Volume 3: Issue 1

Spring 2013 Special Issue: Medieval Women
Assuming Gender is a Cardiff University project, comprising a journal, seminar, and lecture series. This interdisciplinary project is dedicated to the timely analysis of constructions of gendered texts, practices, and subjectivities and seeks to engage with contemporary conceptions of gender, while participating in the dialogues and tensions that maintain the urgency of such conversations. 


Welcome to a special issue of Assuming Gender, an online academic journal dedicated to contemporary issues of gender and sexuality. The articles which make up this issue were presented as part of ‘Shield Maidens and Sacred Mothers: Medieval Women in Truth and Legend’, an international interdisciplinary conference held at Cardiff University in 2011.
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Kevin James Lewis
Countess Hodierna of Tripoli: From Crusader Politician to ‘Princesse Lointaine’

Elisabeth Mincin
‘More Male than Men’: Examining the Perception and Presentation of Female Sanctity Across the Early Mediaeval World (6th – 10th Century)

Anne E. Bailey
Representations of English Women and their Pilgrimages in Twelfth-Century Miracle Collections

Nicole A. Thomas
The Unrepentant Twyllforwyn: Modern Perspectives on Virginity Testing in Medieval Welsh Folklore

Roberta Lynne Staples
‘…the lazar kite of Cressid’s kind’: Not Quite the Last Word on Geoffrey Chaucer’s Criseyde

Sarah Williams Clausen
‘A workshop of sacred art’: Public Acts of Visual Splendor within the Royal Household of Saint Margaret of Scotland