Volume 2: Issue 1

2011 Special Issue: Bodies
Assuming Gender is a Cardiff University project, comprising a journal, seminar, and lecture series. This interdisciplinary project is dedicated to the timely analysis of constructions of gendered texts, practices, and subjectivities and seeks to engage with contemporary conceptions of gender, while participating in the dialogues and tensions that maintain the urgency of such conversations.


Welcome to a special issue of Assuming Gender, an online academic journal dedicated to contemporary issues of gender and sexuality. [Read the editorial]


Susanne Wegener
Forget Modesty – Here Comes the Tail: Abject Bodies, Post-Humanistic Philosophy and Larissa Lai’s Salt Fish Girl

David Andrew Griffiths
Evolution, Bodies and Pleasures, and a Monstrous Queer Future

Virgil W. Brower
Ethics is a Gustics: Phenomenology, Gender, and Oral Sexuality (from ‘Entre Nous’ to ‘Lèvres Nous’)

Anindya Raychaudhuri
The Tragic Woman: Female Victimhood in the Cinema of the Spanish Civil War


Bodies of Knowledge: Sexuality, Reproduction and Women’s Health in the Second Wave
(Review: Angie Dell)

Out in the Country: Youth, Media, and Queer Visibility in Rural America
(Review: Kat Deerfield)