Volume 1: Issue 2

Autumn 2010
Assuming Gender is a Cardiff University project, comprising a journal, seminar, and lecture series. This interdisciplinary project is dedicated to the timely analysis of constructions of gendered texts, practices, and subjectivities and seeks to engage with contemporary conceptions of gender, while participating in the dialogues and tensions that maintain the urgency of such conversations.


Welcome to the second issue of Assuming Gender, an online academic journal dedicated to contemporary issues of gender and sexuality. [Read the editorial]


Jake Buckley
Moving, Assembling, Breaking Down: Sexual Automobility in Fordist Time and Space

Samara Anne Cahill
Powers of the Soul: Wollstonecraft, Islam, and Historical Progress

Johann Gregory and Alice Leonard
Assuming Gender in Hamlet and Troilus and Cressida: ‘Are we to assume that there were women in the audience?’

Katie Rose Guest Pryal
Intimate Pedagogy: The Practice of Embodiment in University Classrooms

Cecilia Gordano
A Pangendered Cyborg of Our Times: An Interview with Jaime del Val


Abject Love: Undoing the Boundaries of Physical Disability
(Review: Michelle Iwen)

Kicked Out
(Review: A. Nicole Pfannenstiel)